Thursday, February 5, 2009

Something is not right....

June 1
Family party for D's birthday.  His dad seemed very uncomfortable.

June 2
He didn't come by because he was here yesterday.   D was upset.  Said he'd come tomorrow.

June 3
He came by to see D.  

June 6 
D hasn't seen or heard from his dad since Monday.

June 8
He phoned D and said he would visit tomorrow.

June 9
He came by and took D to a party for his friend.  We talked a little.  I miss him but something just doesn't seem right.

June 10
Dare graduation for R.  He came to see her.

June 12
Came and took D to watch his friend perform gymnastics.

June 16
Came and took D to see movie, Scooby Doo.

June 23
Came to see D today, haven't heard from him or seen him all week long.  D was upset.

June 27
He phoned and left a message to find out how the kids last day of school went.

June 28
D phoned his dad but got no answer.

June 30
D finally got a hold of his dad.  He'd gone up north with one of the guys.  He wasn't coming to visit.  D was upset.

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