Tuesday, February 3, 2009


April 3
D called his dad after dinner.

April 4
He came by and took the kids out.  Bought D a computer game and R a music CD for Easter.

April 7
Came and took D out in the morning then came back and hung around the house for the rest of the time.

April 9
Van needed new tires.  He paid for them and arranged for the van to go in.

April 10
D upset today, called his dad.  He came by to see him.

April 11
He was supposed to come over.  Didn't show or call.  D very upset.

April 13
I've noticed he has some new clothes and new aftershave.  He left most of his clothes here.  The money he's taken out of the account couldn't possibly have paid for those things.  I was asked if he's seeing someone.  I don't think so.  He wouldn't do that to me.  He still tells me he Love's me.  Who knows maybe the  separation will help us.

April 14
He took D  out for the day.  D wanted him to come back after dinner but he said he couldn't.

April 19
He came by the house to see D.

April 21
Came and took D out.  R is feeling very left out.  He hasn't taken her anywhere or even asked her if she'd like to go.

April 23
Phoned D.  Said he would come by tomorrow.

April 24
Came for a visit.  Mentioned about seeing a lawyer in order to get a legal separation underway.  Told him OK.

April 27
Phoned, talked to R then talked to D.

April 28
Came to the house at 9:30 am, picked up D and took him out for lunch.  When they came back he stayed for awhile, had dinner here.  I miss him.

April 30
I had to call him.  Nana's sump pump quit, her whole basement was flooded.  What a mess.  He came by to fix the sump pump for her.

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