Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Some things stay the same...

May 1
We invited him to come to the school open house.

May 2
He phoned D.

May 5
Came and took D out for the whole day.

May 8
He phoned D.

May 12
R and D made me breakfast in bed for mothers day.  R had Nana help her buy a candle and a holder as their gifts to me.  D said daddy didn't help them do anything.  He came and took D for the day.

May 14
D fell at school.  Called him to let him know D was hurt.  He came by after work and said he would come by again on Thursday.

May 15
He called D to see how he was feeling.

May 16
He didn't show or call like he said.  D was upset.

May 19
Came and took D to a Spider man movie.

Came by to see D.

May 26
D had a party to go to.  He picked him up and took him to the party and brought him home again.

May 29
Came by to see D.

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