Monday, February 2, 2009

How much longer....

February 22
I told him again today that it was over.  I think it would be best for him to talk to the kids.  

February 24
Gave him a note asking him to keep me informed when he was going to tell the kids and the choice of having me there or not.

March 2
He hasn't said anything to the kids or me.  I don't know what his plans are.

March 5
He bought me a birthday gift.  I have only received one other birthday gift from him.   The last time was after he left also.  It was 1994.  Pretty sad when I can count how many times I have received a gift.

March 8
Still isn't saying anything to the kids and me about moving.  In the last few months he has gone out late at night and not come home a couple of times.  He did that also when we were first together.  He has never said where he was or who he was with.  

March 10 
He told the kids he'd be moving.  D asked when and where, he said in a week or so but didn't know where.  D was very upset.  Hysterical actually.  D yelled at his dad angrily, I told D that he wasn't leaving because he wanted to but because I asked him to.  He was going to take the blame from D and not say anything.  I couldn't let D think he didn't want to be here.  Because R smiled he started yelling at her and saying he was glad she was happy.  Wow, why shouldn't she be happy, he won't be here to yell at every little thing she does or says.  I know I made the right decision.

March 11
He tried rehashing over everything again.  How many times do I have to say I want a separation before he believes me.  He is still defensive, he was so angry with R because she smiled on Sunday, what does he expect after five years of being yelled at.

March 13
Although the separation means financial stress I'm ready for it.  He said he will help with the mortgage and stuff.  My family doubts it, I believe him.  I don't think he would do anything nasty that way.

March 16
He went out late.  D asked when he would be back and he said later.  Didn't come home again.

March 17 
Came home at 7:30 pm packed some clothes and said he was staying at his brothers.  Left after D went to bed.  Said he would call on Monday and give D a phone number.  Odd, we already know his brothers number, why do we need a cell number to get a hold of him.

March 18
Didn't phone, D upset.

March 19
Phoned at 6:15 pm and gave D a cell number.  Why a cell number, said he'd come by tomorrow D is happy.

March 20
Called at 8:15 pm to see if D was still up.  Came to house at 8:30 and packed some more clothes.  Left at 9:30, good visit, gave kids a chocolate bar.

March 21
D told me his dad said he would be going to Las Vegas for the weekend for a construction convention with his brother.

March 25
Came by for an hour with shirts from Vegas for the kids.

March 27
Phoned and talked with the kids.

March 31
Came by and picked up D, they went out.

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