Monday, February 9, 2009

Now it all makes sense.....

August 12
I've been off for two weeks.  He comes and sees the kids or calls.  We're getting closer.  Things are getting better.

August 14
He came by in the morning before he went to work.

August 15
Here again in the morning before work.

August 16
This is becoming a habit, here again before work.

August 18
We took the kids to the zoo again.  I asked him again about the clothes and aftershave.  He is definitely hiding something.  Says he doesn't have a girlfriend.  I hope he's not using me.  Maybe this is all too good to be true.

August 19
Came by before work.

August 20
Came by before work.

August 21
Came by before work.

August 23
Came by before work.

August 25
We all went to Elora Gorge, Churchill Park and China Sails for dinner.

August 26
Came by before work.

August 31
R's birthday.  Family party for her here.  A great day until the phone rang.  All hell broke loose with a late night phone call.  He's been living with someone else the entire time, not his brother but another woman.  When he left here he moved in with her.  She told me that he was approaching her while he still lived here, which would explain the nights he never came home and the late nights.  She said she told him he had to break it off with me first before she would have him.  Apparently he told her I kicked him out of the bedroom and I never cooked for him or did anything in the house.  Boy was I a fool.  He doesn't love me or the kids, he's been covering his own ass this whole time.  I told him he comes home and we work on the relationship or I'll see him in court.  He came home and stayed the night.

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