Thursday, February 26, 2009

I hate mirrors....

February 26
I thought yesterday was OK but again last night he didn't want me close on the couch or touching him.  This morning he apologized.  Why am I turning him off in bed.  I need to set him down and find out what the problem is. It hurts when he won't talk to me about what's bothering him.  Is it her again, is she somewhere surfacing again.

March 3
The weekend became a right off.  I was edgy and bitchy.  He took offense and became just as upset and we ended up having a horrible weekend.  Sunday brought a change after we'd been apart most of the day.

March 6
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, sick sick sick.  I've had the same migraine since Friday.  Stomach doesn't hurt anymore.  My birthday came and went yesterday.  My daughter bought me a candle and earrings.  My son made me a card with his sister's help.  He brought a cake home late last night.  This headache is in my temple and doesn't seem to be letting up, stress maybe?  

March 7
The head game started again last night.  In bed as usual.  I tried to repeat back to him what I thought he said, the way I understood it.  Each time I got the first word out he started to bark out at me.  After he did it again I stopped and said never mind, what ever it's no concern of mine.  There was no point in me trying.  He asked me to say it and that he would keep quiet but I said no.  I wasn't angry I just didn't want to be talked over when I was trying to talk.  He rolled on to his back and closed his eyes.  I'm not into these games.  I don't initiate sex because the last time he laughed at me and pushed me away.  The head games mess me up.  I don't think he really wants to be here.  I think the novelty has worn off.  He's quick to start something and then pull back completely in bed.

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