Thursday, February 5, 2009

Just jumping in here....

February 5, 2009

Just jumping in here, I'm having an awesome day.  You know it's one of those days when you think it's going to go downhill but everything just falls into place and goes right.  For me, being a shift worker, this is my Friday night.  Now you think ugh, 11 - 7, nope not tonight.  The boss says we can come in early and work 7 - 3.  That's great!  Because tomorrow night is the Company Christmas party.....confused, don't be.  In December we had a major storm which cancelled the doo.  Everyone was so sad, so the company rescheduled.  Now I said things looked bad, OK, let me explain.  I have an 07 300 and lately it's been causing me woes, we are in a deep freeze right now here in Ontario, -26 on the way home this morning, my thermostat isn't working which means I have no heat in my vehicle which also chooses to squeal like a little piglet.  So in she goes to the dealer at 9 am.  I lay down at 9:30 and get the call at 1 pm.  They have to keep it in, but the thermostat is replaced, but the starter won't work now, ????????, OK, now my question is, why did you unplug the starter, their  answer to test it, now I know I'm female and I know I don't have mechanical aptitude for vehicles, but why would you unplug the starter to test the car when you're changing the thermostat and checking the belt for the squeal.  They couldn't answer me but they also couldn't provide me with a vehicle for work.  My new dilemma, I could get to work at 7 pm but not home at 3 am.  OK, so I email my boss.   Woo hoo, work to the rescue, not a problem, they will leave a taxi voucher for me at the security shack and I will have a warm and toasty ride home.  I love my job.  I love my boss, I love the world today, lol.  It's cold outside but the sun is shining so that's a good thing.  And like I said, this is Friday for me.......nough said.

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