Thursday, March 5, 2009

Every now and then until I have you completely updated on Willow Dreams…. I will jump in with something current.  Today, it’s my birthday.  Surprisingly enough this has been a great day.  I’m working afternoon shift this week so everything started last night when I arrived home at 11:45 pm.  There were two cards and a rose plant.  Jim and Dak were both awake.  This morning the phone rang at 6:30 am, oh my goodness, who on earth is phoning at that time, hopefully I thought at the time it’s not an emergency because I really don’t feel like moving.  Back to sleep I went and the next thing was the door bell……..hmmf, it’s my birthday and the world wants me awake, lol.  Down to the door I stumble, peek out and standing there is my mom.  OK, I can be sneaky, not answer the door or phone at times, but, when it is my mom standing there, nope, so I throw the door open trying to look awake.  She was quite happy because my daughter who is away right now had hatched a plan with her Nana to deliver me a birthday surprise.  So birthday deliveries were made.  As for the phone call, that was my daughter, Risse called at 6:30 am to leave a birthday message on the answering machine.  Great day is not sufficient enough to describe it, even mother nature is kicking in by warming the temps up a little.  So how do I feel today, fantastic, elated, loved, wanted, remembered.  The last few years with everything that’s been going on birthdays were pretty sad.  And I even think this birthday is going to have such an impact that it may pave the way to help get over the date of March 17 when Willow Dreams was hatched, in case you haven’t read all the posts, that is the date my husband and I separated and he moved in with someone else.  So we are replacing some sad moments with joyful memories, friends included.  The day isn’t over yet because apparently my coworkers are planning a little gathering at break time to celebrate also, and my favorite delight will be provided, cheese cake.  : )  So with you, my faithful reader, I wish to share my joy today.  It’s a good day…..

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