Friday, January 23, 2009

To leave or stay...

The day came when he returned from BC.  I was so happy to see him.  The only thing weighing on my mind was what will his choice be.  Stay or go?  I suppose it's obvious his choice was to stay or I wouldn't be writing this.  Although he chose to stay I felt that he thought he was missing something by staying.
Being older than me, he had been in other long term relationships, a marriage, a common law relationship and a short term.  All had their own disaster occur.  Hearts were broken, feelings crushed.  I'm sure it was on both sides and not just his.  I only get to hear his point of view, so really that's not fair is it?  When the story is the same for each break up you begin to wonder.  Just really who was doing what?
When you strip away the ego underneath you find someone who resembles more of an innocent child than a grown man.  Someone who has feelings and really doesn't want to hurt anyone.  But how do you make that person understand that the things they do and say hurt.  Revenge is not an option.  To remain in a relationship takes love, trust, working together and looking out for each other.  You never stop trying to make a relationship work.  It's a daily chore like brushing your teeth.  If you stop one day then stuff starts to build up.
Just yell at me when I get off topic, lol, I have a habit of doing that reader.
OK, I'm not here to lecture or tell you how to have a relationship.  I'm here to tell you about what went wrong in ours.  How it was handled and where we are now.  A lot of times you feel like you're the only one going through all the emotions, but you're not.  The degree of emotions felt may vary but in the end it's all the same for everyone.  The main meat of this tale is in journal form  You'll read exactly how I felt and what went on.  From sanity to insane, I felt that I was at the opening of hell and then whisked away only to find myself back again with more challenges I hadn't expected.

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